September 25, 2017

Should You Become a Certified Nursing Assistant?

One of the first questions that you will ask yourself as you consider whether or not to get CNA training is “Should you become a certified nursing assistant?” For many people, the highly specific training and hard work involved in this extremely in-demand career can be too much for them, and you have to have serious dedication to your career and to the welfare and health of others in order to succeed in this profession.

There are two ways that you can learn the certified nursing skills that you need to become a certified nursing assistant. You can go through a technical school and pass a state exam, or you can learn the skills as part of a registered nursing course or a licensed practical nursing course. CNA skills are fundamental to all other nursing careers, and so you can learn them in either of these two curricula.

Of course, just learning a set of skills out of a book or even on a mannequin is not enough to become a certified nursing assistant. You also will need hands-on skills training, during which you will learn everything from handwashing and personal hygiene to helping non-ambulatory patients and taking measurements of vital signs. If you are thinking to yourself “Should you become a certified nursing assistant,” then you should definitely be asking yourself if these are all things that you think that you want to do and will be able to do in your career.

Communication is also very important to your success as a certified nursing assistant. Since you will be spending so much time with your patients, you need to be able to speak with them and work with them in a way that keeps you both comfortable. You need to be able to not just let the patients know what you are doing to help them, but also help them feel comfortable and respected by you so that they will work with you to make their healthcare experience the best possible. Furthermore, you need your patients to feel comfortable in order to insure that they are able to communicate with you about how they are feeling and how their health situation is at any given time.

As a certified nursing assistant, you will have a great deal of job security. In fact, nursing and healthcare jobs are among the few types of job that are expected to grow in volume over the next few years. You will have many choices for employment and you will enjoy a rewarding career. If these things sound good to you, then the answer is probably “yes” when you find yourself asking “Should you become a certified nursing assistant?”

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