September 25, 2017

Red Cross CNA Training Facts to Know

One of the best ways to get CNA training is to go the Red Cross CNA training route. Over half of the states in the United States offer certified nursing assistant training via the Red Cross, and these programs are among the most highly acclaimed in the country when it comes to acceptance on the part of care facilities and complying with a wide array of federal, state and facility-specific requirements.

If you opt to get trained to be a certified nursing assistant by the Red Cross, you will know that your program, at a minimum, conforms to state-specific guidelines, which are often unique. The standards may vary from state to state and often include things like study hours and delineation of the exact amount and type of hands-on training that each student will receive. What goes in one state may not go in another. In some states, you may need as much as 50 additional hours of training in order to complete your training. domain technical data Also, since course hours are divided in terms of classroom lectures, lab practices and training experiences on-site in a clinical setting, the types of hours required may also differ from state to state and even hospital to hospital.

Generally, your Red Cross CNA training will take place in classrooms that are specifically intended to give you a practical, hands-on learning experience. Classes will usually have everything from hospital beds to practice mannequins and Hoyer lifts, as well as bed pans, wheelchairs and hygienic equipment that you will need to become fully familiar with your role as a certified nursing assistant. You will be trained in moving patients from chairs to beds and beds to chairs, monitoring vital signs, taking patients’ pulses and providing basic hygiene and dental care for patients. You will also learn basic grooming.
One of the nicest things that many people find about the training for certified nursing assistants by the Red Cross is that it is so fast paced despite a high degree of comprehensiveness. While most courses the certify you to be a nursing assistant take six months or more, the Red Cross training can be completed in a matter of weeks and most Red Cross CNA graduates enter the health care workforce within two months of the start of their training.

However, you should be aware that certified nursing assistant training from the Red Cross is not free. It tends to cost between one and two thousand dollars. Many people consider this a worthwhile expense though because the training expedites their entry into the active workforce. You should definitely evaluate all your CNA training options before selecting one to go with, but Red Cross CNA training will very likely top your list.