September 25, 2017

CNA Job Description – All About Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs

There are many, many options when it comes to a CNA job description. Many Certified Nursing Assistants would probably explain the job as doing a million jobs instead of just one – but this is something your CNA training will prepare you for, as well as getting you ready to do many different types of work within the healthcare system.

In fact, there is a very high need for nurses all over the country and, as a result, the importance of certified nursing assistants in the medical world is growing every day. So here’s your CNA Job Description:

As a CNA, you can be employed by myriad medical facilities. These facilities include medical offices, nursing homes, hospitals and even in-home care services. Generally CNAs are supervised by licensed practical nurses or physicians. However, under this supervision, you will likely perform many of the most integral aspects of patient care. ask me another As a certified nursing assistant, you will be certain that you are helping people in important and critical ways every day.

Some of your certified nursing assistant duties will be mandatory. You will likely be involved in ambulatory care with at least some of your patients, as it is likely that some fraction of the patient population for which you care will be confined to a wheelchair. You will learn as a CNA to care for patients who are having difficulty moving, and you will probably have to help them move from a chair to a bed and back at different times. You may also need to assist weaker patients with walking or even moving to and from the bathroom or feeding themselves.

Meal times will also be a big time for you. CNAs assist patients by doing whatever is needed in a sensitive and effective manner. For example, if a patient is having trouble eating then you may need to cut up their food for them. You may, in some cases, actually feed them. Even if you are not involved in the feeding process, you will still need to monitor your patient because this is part of certified nursing assistant jobs. You will need to make sure that they do not choke and, if necessary, see to it that they are properly cleaned up and even bathed after eating.

Bathing and general hygiene – including dental hygiene – is important to your responsibilities as a CNA. Patients will likely have trouble bathing themselves and possibly even brushing their teeth and hair or washing their face. In these instances, they will need your help. A patient may need sheets changed and cleaned as well, and this will fall under your jurisdiction. You will also be responsible for checking the patients’ vital signs like heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar and temperature.

You can see that a CNA job description covers many, many different areas of patient care. These are all things that come with certified nursing assistant jobs.