August 19, 2017

The Wonderful World of a Travel Nurse

To become a travel nurse, you must have the characteristics inherent for such job. For instance, you need to be an outgoing person in order to prove yourself suitable for being a travel nurse. Typically, your job as a travel nurse will last for thirteen weeks and you have the choice to ask for an extension, if you wish. The travel nurse is also a friendly individual who finds excitement on the idea of traveling.

If you are the type of person who hates being bored, the work of a travel nurse is perfect for you because you do not know what adventure waits each day. Presented below are the different advantages which you can enjoy from being a travel nurse.

* The travel nurse is given the chance to work in different places all over the country. If the nurse does not find one place to be enjoyable, there is no need to be worried because you will be relocated sooner.
* If the nurse enjoys a specific location, it is possible to ask for an extension or renewal of contract.
* The compensation is comparable to that of a normal nurse, and at times, it can even go 20% higher.
*There is a high degree of freedom which can be enjoyed by the travel nurse. The work does not include any office meetings, politics, and supervisors.
* There is also great flexibility in being a travel nurse. You can take time off from work, depending on the duration you wish. It can go from one week and extend to even up to one month. This will allow you to refresh yourself after all the stress from work.

However, although many would consider the employment opportunity to be very attractive, not everyone rushes to grab the opportunity of being a travel nurse. This is because it may prove too good to be true for some. The job of a travel nurse is not a perfect opportunity for anyone. Below are some of the disadvantages of being a travel nurse:

* The travel nurse does not enjoy the complete package of benefits which were given to the traditional nurses working full time.
* Unless it was stipulated in your contract, the time off which you enjoy may not be paid.
* Compared to nurses working in a hospital setting, the health insurance offered can prove to be more expensive.
* The work can sometimes be too tedious. There are times wherein you will yearn for the possibility of settling in one place rather than move from one location to another.
* The changes which will be experienced by the travel nurse can be a source of stress.
* The travel nurse is free to move when the contract expires. However, it does not give the nurse an assurance of getting an employment opportunity.
* Because of higher salary and flexibility of travel nurses, they are often treated in a hostile manner by other nurses.
* No career advancement. This is very problematic especially for those who have long term career plans.

As evident with the discussion above, the job of a travel nurse is perfect for individuals who enjoy flexibility and freedom. However, for those who have long term plans for their career plan, it would be nice to think twice before finally considering being a travel nurse.

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