August 19, 2017

The Value of a Nurse’s Job

On call, 24-7. Waiting for the phone to ring because someone out there needs your compassion and kindness. And if you mess up or even if you make a slight mistake, there may be a lawsuit. But when the call comes in, you know it will, and you are assigned to work at the hospital 30 minutes down the interstate from you, what happens?

You care for people to the best of your abilities by helping patients through their problems and providing a unique level of health care that encourages a better quality of life. As much as thanks is appreciated, you do not expect it. You are just doing a nurse’s job. You are not an angel or a superhero, just a nurse.

The Evidence-Based Practice Center

A nurse’s ability to provide a human and humane aspect to the healing process for patients is something well-renowned in modern culture. One could perceive this as a possible urban myth or hyperbole. However, AHRQ funded a report performed by the evidence-based Practice Center to analyze the empirical evidence of nurses’ value in health care facilities.

The evidence-based Practice Center did a meta-analysis of studies involving nurse staffing levels and measures of patient safety. While lower staffing levels are linked to a higher rate of adverse outcomes, the presence or lack of staffed nurses was statistically significant.

What a Nurse’s Job Can Prevent

Nurse presence affected outcomes such as shock, urinary tract infections, and pneumonia. This means that the cultural assumption about the value of nurses is more than just an assumption, it is a fact.

What Entails a Nurse’s Job

Hospital patients undoubtedly get a glimpse of the professional life of nurses but what do nurses do? When they first clock in, they check with the previous nurse on shift about patients’ situations. They establish who has what conditions and needs.

Next, the nurse reviews the paperwork at hand by setting up treatment sheets and recording all the information just received. After all of that, the rounds begin. Nurses have to visit several patients and assess their needs.

A plan has to be developed in order to implement that care and estimate how the current situation will turn out in the future. The nurse must try and help total strangers obtain a good quality of life and health.

The Challenge of a Nurse’s Job

Unfortunately, nurses practice their occupation in one of the most difficult and challenging working environments. Individual nurses are overloaded with patients. They have too many people to see and check in on. Similarly, the number of responsibilities and tasks to perform is high.

A nurse has to keep in mind several factors while doing their job. Cognitive levels are overloaded. On top of that, they often have to deal with poor lighting, handwriting, and labeling designs. Studies reveal that the nurses could effectively perform the jobs of several practicing physicians but nurses are already pushed to the limit of human capabilities.

In spite of these factors, many nurses find the job rewarding because they are helping other humans and saving lives. This is why they are often described as angels. The value of a nurse’s job and their ability to help others is incredible.

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