August 19, 2017

Pursuing A Career and Specialization in Nursing: Helping Others

Because of the presence of many fields of specialization in the nursing profession, people who are generally inclined towards being a nurse are generally confronted with the difficulty of the choice they have to make – choosing the field of specialization which will be most rewarding for them. For instance, there are people who love playing with kids which make them choose a nursing career specializing in care for children. However, there are some who cannot work well with children because they cannot carry the burden of looking at sick children. In the latter case, care for children as a field of specialization is not advised. In some cases, the field of specialization to be chosen is also highly influenced by family and the existing situation. For instance, one may choose to specialize in care for the terminally ill because a family member is suffering from the same situation.

The first experience in the nursing career could be from the doctor’s clinic or office and could not turn out to meet expectations. For instance, it can be hampered by the presence of office politics and other unethical practices which could be enough reason for one to hate nursing. Because of this, the nursing professional can consider other areas such as being a nursing teacher, nurse advocate, nurse lawyer, nurse life care planner, or nurse legislator. Although there is a difference on the nature of each position, they are all geared towards one common goal: the provision of fair and humane treatment to all patients leaving no exception.

If you are more inclined towards your passion for science that your compassion for others, you can consider the possibility of being a nursing researcher. In this case, you will be working with doctors and other researchers to discover new treatments and to study new areas of science dealing with medical care.

On the other hand, if you are the type of person who cannot stand doing the same thing everyday, you can consider the possibility of being an ambulatory nurse or an ER nurse. With this, you will be confronted with new patients and new cases everyday, challenging your competence as a skilled nurse. There is a variety of cases such as normal cold and even deadly cases such as those involved in massive vehicular accidents. If you consider the possibility of being an ER nurse, make sure that you are well prepared to live a fast-paced lifestyle and that you can face instructions given at the moment. There are chances that you will busy the whole day but there are also instances that there will be no patients admitted.

Moreover, the trans-cultural nursing field is another specialization which is being more common today. In this case, the nurse is generally concerned towards the provision of nursing and medical care to patients from another country or those with a different cultural orientation. The type of care to be given is very specific with respect to different factors which are dictated by the cultural beliefs of the patient.

With the increase in the number of people who are wanting to raise their own child and with the rising cases of infertility, the field of reproductive health nursing is also gradually becoming popular as a field of specialization.

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