August 19, 2017

Online Training for a CNA

The main responsibility of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) would be providing assistance to bed-ridden patients in terms of accomplishing daily activities such as eating, bathing, and dressing. Many of the CNAs find employment opportunities in assisted living centers for the elderly or in hospice care. This job is very challenging yet rewarding for many. CNAs are generally expected to exhibit qualities of being patient, matured, and compassionate.

In the presence of stress in the workplace, the CNA must be able to demonstrate capacity to handle such, especially bearing in mind the need to show passion for the patients. With the right qualities which are inherent in a CNA, such as demonstrating the capacity to work well within a team, there is an abundance of employment opportunities which are available.

Training Requirements for CNAs

It is essential to first complete a training course before an individual can become a CNA. Different states may have different requirements for this training program. The duration of the training can last for 75-125 hours which will be about 2-18 weeks of completion. Red Cross and other community colleges allow online training for CNAs.

Local healthcare facilities, in the form of work-study program can also offer training courses for CNAs. The CNA training which is made available online is often a combination of online classroom program and on-site clinical training.

Online Coursework for CNAs

There are different ways by which one can obtain an online training in becoming a CNA such as with vocational colleges, community colleges, and non-profit healthcare organizations. Some of the lessons which will be taken include nutrition, nursing theory, anatomy, and disease prevention and control. There are also other lessons such as record keeping, ethics, patient rights, and other discussions to keep the individual skilled with administrative duties.

Some of the things which will be commonly part of the online training are virtual classroom discussions, video conference, independent study, and interactive discussion. Training can be obtained in different healthcare facilities while you are also employed as a nursing professional.

The Licensing Exam

Once the online coursework is accomplished, the next thing which should be considered is the state exam which is essential in order to obtain a license. This exam is consists of two parts: written exam and test for clinical skills. The test for clinical skills will include an evaluation of your abilities in different patient activities. Commonly, you will be allowed to work once you complete your training program prior to obtaining a license.

Getting Yourself Prepared in Being a CNA

One good way in order to prepare yourself in a CNA career is to volunteer in any healthcare facility which will allow you to practice the profession. This will give you a first hand experience on the job of a CNA. This is also a good way to aid you in deciding the right type of work which is best suited for your personality and interests.

The career of a CNA is not the right option for everyone. The turnover rate for this job is high although there is also high demand. This is basically because the nature of the work is hard and the pay is not that competitive. However, for those who does not put an emphasis on pay, and more concerned towards helping other people, this can prove to be a very rewarding career.

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