September 25, 2017

CNA Training & CNA Certification News

The World of Nursing and What It’s All About

Nurses provide skilled health care to patients in a variety of health care settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, assisted care homes, schools, day care centers, public health agencies or urgent care centers. Nurses must have … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

Apply as a LPN and Select a Better Career

People choose to enter the medical field as a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse, LPN or LVN respectively. The benefits afforded to the LPN and patient is enormous and only a year's worth of training … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

The Role of Nurse Informatics in Healthcare

Nurses and computers of olden days never really had much in common. The nurse tended to her patients, and the computer techs administered their … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

The Wonderful World of a Travel Nurse

To become a travel nurse, you must have the characteristics inherent for such job. For instance, you need to be an outgoing person in order to prove yourself suitable for being a travel nurse. … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

Enjoy a Great Career and Time by being a Travel Nurse

The career path of a travel nurse is a perfect employment opportunity for those people who have a heart for traveling as well as for the nursing position. By being a travel nurse, … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

The Value of a Nurse’s Job

On call, 24-7. Waiting for the phone to ring because someone out there needs your compassion and kindness. And if you mess up or even if you make a slight mistake, there may be a … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

Travel and Help by being a Traveling Nurse

Learn More About The World While Enhancing Your Nursing Career The job of a travel nurse is a perfect opportunity for the nursing professionals who have compassion for others and would not like … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]

Some Things You Need To Know In Being a Travel Nurse

There is a multitude of opportunities for a travel nurse. Generally speaking, a travel nurse is like a regular full-time nurse except for the fact that the nature of their employment is in a temporary … [More CNA Training & Certification News...]