August 19, 2017

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Range & Potential

A Certified Nursing Assistant salary will range depending on your training and your level of experience. However, the average CNA salary income potential can be pretty rewarding and enticing. After all, as a certified nursing assistant (CNA), you will likely spend more time with your patients than pretty much any other individual member of their health care team. The job can be demanding, and require that you be in good physical health since you will need to be able to move patients around, help lift them from bed to chair, rearrange and use various supplies and equipment and help with basic hygienic requirements. my pc ip address .

In addition to all this, you will participate in a number of direct patient care duties and perform many vitally important functions in terms of taking care of the patient and in terms of helping the patient’s doctors care for the patient. The result is that certified nursing assistant salary potential varies widely because there are so many levels of performance and care that you may be involved in.

Certified Nursing Assistant Salary Ranges

For starters, your level of certification and the type of training that you do will have a lot to do with where your income starts out and where it ultimately levels off. Generally people who are just starting out in the field tend to pull in between $20,000 and $31,000, depending on what type of facility has hired them and their geographic location. The location of your hospital – what state and city – can actually have a serious impact on your starting salary, and some people opt to relocate in order to get better cost-of-living and salary ratios.

Once you pass the one-year mark, you can expect your salary to increase. This is because experienced certified nursing assistants are in serious demand and may have multiple options when it comes to where they work and the fields in which they work. With one to four years of experience, you can expect your salary, in most cases, to range from $22,000 to $55,000. red cloud . The longer you work, the higher your salary will climb in most cases.

Furthermore, it is likely that the longer you remain in the field of certified nursing assistance, the more in demand you will be since the Bureau of Labor Statistics projected that by 2015, CNA jobs will have increased by 20 percent. If you elect to go on from certified nursing assistant to certified nurse, as many people do, then you will see you salary and your attractiveness to employers continue to increase with time. The better a certified nursing assistant you are and the longer that you are employed in the field, the better your certified nursing assistant salary will be.